Amidax Trading Group is a privately owned Export Management Company, which exclusively represents and exports U.S. products throughout the world. Amidax Trading Group has established itself in the international community as the leader in the Stone Care, General Household and Pet markets. Amidax Trading Group believes in a committed approach to doing business that maximizes benefits to the customer, community and the company. Amidax Trading Group also supports communities around the world through programs and charitable donations.




Since the early 1960’s Padco has been known as an innovative manufacturer of painting and home decorating tools. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Padco has been manufacturing quality products in the USA for over 50 years. Padco’s history of innovation began in the 1960’s with the introduction of the Padco Paint Pad. Originally called "The Speed Brush" it was designed to paint large areas, both interior and exterior, twice as fast as a brush. Over the years Padco has extended its product line to include a broad range of home decorating tools. Padco now offers a full line of Paint Pads, Paint Rollers, Stain Applicators, Texture Applicators, Paint Trays, Paint Accessories, Extension Poles, Drywall & Surface Prep Tools, and Professional Floor Finish Applicators.

Padco’s international trade has flourished, selling to hardware and home centers in over 100 countries. Padco products feature NAFTA packaging in English, French and Spanish. A select group of Padco tools are packaged in other languages including Chinese, German, Italian and Dutch. What Does Padco Offer Retailers Today?
* High quality DIY home decorating products
* Fast, efficient shipping worldwide
* Point of purchase literature and displays to maximize product category sales
* Excellent service and customer support



Classic Paint Pads

Exterior Paint & Stain Pads

PadBRUSH Applicators

Exterior Paint & Stain Pads

Paint Rollers

Extersion Poles

Paint Accesories

Beats-A-Brush Roller Line

Faux Finish

Small Rollers

Texture/Stucco Application Tools

Drywall & Surface Prep Tools


Floor Tools

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